Lise Stoufflet

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Made in Limoges
Exclusive to French Cliché
Handcrafted by LS Creation

The inspiration for this plate is drawn from the work of painter Lise Stoufflet and her own experience of motherhood. It is a tribute to an emblematic object of 18th-century French culture: the jatte-téton.
Lise Stoufflet fixes the breast in this design, offering a creative approach to questions about its eroticism, censorship and status as a symbol of maternity. She also refers to art history, evoking references such as Aphrodite Cnidia by the Greek master Praxiteles, Madonna lactans, and The Virgin and Child by Jacques Fouquet.
This plate, crafted by the LS Arts et Création workshop in Limoges, highlights the numerous stages in the porcelain-making process, from the modelling phase through to the decorative painting. "Nurse" is a modern interpretation and personnal ode to women by Lise Stoufflet.

Object information

. Porcelain

. Ø 27 cm

. Made in Limoges, France

. Handcrafted by LS Creation

. Exclusive to French Cliché

Created by Lise Stoufflet
Lise Stoufflet was born in Essonne in 1989, where she grew up until her studies. In 2009 she entered the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris and spent 5 years in the studio of the painter Philippe Cognée. Today, she continues her artistic practice in Aubervilliers, near Paris, where she has created and developed the project Le Houloc with fifteen artists; Un atelier / Artist-run-space.  ...see more

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