Founded in 2019 by Emily Marant and Hugo Matha, is a label
and a nomadic gallery.

For the past year, the duo has selected over 30 young artists and designers to think around French culture and produce exclusive designs.

French Cliché’s sources out unique crafts to provide new solutions and techniques for young creatives and to bring a fresh vision upon ancestral know-hows.

These encounters resume into unique pieces, numbered and signed limited edition objects. Every piece is developed collaboratively between those emerging talents and renowned craftsmen who symbolize French excellence.

The illustrator Victor Cadène applies his drawing to Maison Thevenon’s tablecloths, the painter Lise Stoufflet creates a breast shaped plate for porcelaines royales de Limoges, the artist Eva Taulois paints a carpet for maison S and the designer Uchronia upcycles Vallauris achieves and to create a lamp.

Sourcing creators and makers, matching and supporting are French Cliché’s main focus. Altogether we aim to paint a new canvas of this idealistic, abundant and eclectic france.