Antoine Carbonne & La Manufacture des Emaux de Longwy 1798

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Made in Longwy France
Edition of 8 + 2
Exclusive French Cliché
La Manufacture des Emaux de Longwy

Antoine Carbonne has imagined alongside with the Manufacture de Longwy enamels 1798, an ‘ondine’ poetical collection: a jar, a vase and a candle pot. The first piece to be reviled is the bicentennial jar Montgomery. The artists paints a pattern inspired by the function of the object itself. Water is wrapped around the jar, a wave suggesting that content has become the container.

Product information

. Hand painted and glazed earthenware

. Ø28.5 x H 70 cm

. Limited edition of 8+2 pieces 

. Signed by the artist

. Exclusive to French Cliché

. Made to order 3 to 4 weeks

. Shipping quote on demand :

Created by Antoine Carbonne
After spending his childhood in Senegal and in Scotland, Antoine Carbonne lives in Paris. He started representing day scenes using painted collage tec hnics. He kept the creative process, a chemistry, making each assemblage painting  an experience and his atelier a lab. ...see more