Lucie Sotty

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Made in France
Unique pieces
Exclusive to French Cliché
Signed by the artist

Each bowl made by Lucie Sotty is in ceramic, entirely handmade. It reveals a motif sculpted in bas reliefin fauvists tones. The iconography is inspired by the dreamlike world of dogs. Through this seven original pieces, the artist proposes an interpretation of dog's dreams.

Object information

. Glazed ceramic

. Variable: B.15,5 cm / H.19 cm / H.6,5 cm

. Unique pieces

. Handmade in France

. Signed by the artist

. Shipping quote on demand:

Created by Lucie Sotty
Lucie Sotty is a French potter-ceramist based in Hyères and Berlin. She creates various functional objects with engravings and decorative elements. He r work demonstrates a strong emphasis on experimental glazing. ...see more