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Do you believe in the good or the evil eye? The 'Roi Soleil' (king of sun) fills you with a century of light, the universe is watching you. What is your point of view? Spread your light on the world. Basile Boon handmakes each Oeil lamp, modeled and enamelled in his Parisian atelier. Basile Boon deconstructs dogmas and legends that surround him to create his own pop and lyrical odyssey. The artists invites the viewer to project his own story.

Product information

. Ceramic lamps 

. Ø 28 cm 

. Edition of 150 pieces 

. Hand made in Paris 

. Exclusif French Cliché

Created by BASILE BOON
Basile Boon grew up in Profondeville, in the Meuse valley.  In 2010 whiles studying architecture at Lacambre, he creates a cardboard city, "the imagin ary refuge": houses perched on high and fragile pillars. Years later, he would discover that Italo Calvino had described this city and called it "Baucis". Basile then joined Jeanne Toussaint school, where he discovered the work of the craftsman. In 2017, he started ceramic classes at the Saint Gilles Academy in Brussels. Fascinated by the free and stubborn character of the Facteur Cheval, he creates a construction of his own "The Golden House". A "sumptuary expense" in George Bataille's way where the sacrifice of utility is necessary to produce the sacred. Like Claude-Nicolas Ledoux for the Salines de Chaux, Basile invented his own style of column. The year 2020 marks a major turning point in the artist's life, he moves to Paris where he is immersed in the artistic-queer-feminist scene and experiences a shattering breakup. His art where humor and desacralizing social codes will be his therapy. Materializing his joys, his sorrows, his fascinations, his disgusts, his encounters... His own mythology begins. Basile Boon is as an eclectic generalist. His work is an imperfect mixture of brutalist art, pop culture, architecture, symbolics and mythological references. A form of inverted archaeology, where Basile brings from the earth and mind, a buried civilization. Another form of existence that fatally heads towards ruin. ...see more
Hand made in Paris
Limited edition 150
Exclusive French Cliché