Basile Boon

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Made in France
8 left & 8 right
Exclusive French Cliché

In contradiction to a society that demands excellence and specialization, Basile sees himself as an eclectic generalist. His work is an imperfect and ironic mixture of art brut, pop culture, symbolic and mythological, architectural with artistic references. A form of reverse archaeology, where Basile brings out of the earth, a civilization buried in his thoughts. Another form of world that is being created and is inevitably heading towards ruin.

Object information

. Ceramic

14 (base) x h67 cm x H1 m (with lampshade)

. Edition of 8 right and 8 left

. Handcrafted in France

. The lighting system is set for European norms

. Shipping quote on demand :

Created by BASILE BOON
Ceramic artist Basile Bon is as an eclectic generalist. His work is an imperfect mixture of brutalist art, pop culture, architecture, symbolics and my thological references. A form of inverted archaeology, where Basile brings from the earth and mind, a buried civilization. Another form of existence that fatally heads towards ruin. ...see more