Maxime Verdier

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Unique piece
Painted in France
Exclusive French Cliché
Signed by the artist

The series of seven paintings is inspired by multiple clichés on the French (our love of cheese and wine, sailor shirts, our grumpy and plaintive attitude…). The project was for the artist a way to question and divert this idea of ​​the cliché. Allowing him to use commonplaces about a people to reappropriate them through his personal history but also by adding fiction, to blur the original meaning, or even inflate its features.

Object information

. Acrylic on wood 

. 14 x 18 cm

. Unique and signed by the artiste 

. Made in France 

Created by Maxime Verdier
Maxime Verdier lives in Paris. He’s practice oscillates between drawings, paintings, but also sculptures which develop in installation devices. His wo rk questions the idea of the invisible and the repressed based on memories and personal anecdotes. ...see more