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For French Cliché, the artist Karla Sutra and the lingerie brand Henriette H create a limited edition collection « Sens dessus dessous ». Bodies are tangled, are they men, women, a man and a woman? It's up to you to decide! The couple, embroyed in blue thread on a white coton fabric, is floating, enveloped in a sensual energy symbolized by a red ribbon. Head to tail, the lovers are offering pleasure to each other... Poetry. A limited and intimate collection, each piece is numbered from 1 to a 100.

Object information 

. Coton  and embroidery 

. Available in sizes 36 to 42 

. Limited edition of 100 pieces 

. Handcrafted in France

Created by Karla Sutra
Karla Sutra is famous for her subtle aphrodisiac tiles. She tricks the eye and stimulates senses by using the mural ceramic rhythm, hiding her lovemak ing figures in incredible choreographies, based on a mirror and a an optical trompe l’oeil technique. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, modern art, Japanese Hentai and Kama Sutra as well, this Catalan artist creates watercolor hand painted erotic azulejos. These “sauteries illusionnistes” are to be considered as her sensual manifesto. Convinced that our societies desperately need sensuality, she initially chose an outdoor medium, displaying her art on the streets of various cities around the world. A multimedia artist, she naturally masters the arts of fire; the deep erotic link between food and human body led her to create handmade ceramic tableware. ...see more
Made in France
Edition of 100
Exclusive French Cliché
Signed by the artist